At Scots English College, “Students Success” is how teacher success is measured. Our experienced, qualified teachers bring to students the best teaching methods. For the Beginners, teachers will assist students to take their first steps by using games and outdoor activities. Daily activities are also important including going to the supermarket, movies, and shopping for clothes.  At the intermediate level, our supportive teachers provide students with more academic materials and complicated English exercises. Students will have a chance to work in groups to discuss specific topics and to present their ideas. Through these types of activities, students will be more confident in using English in their daily lives. 


Scots’ teachers are always there to help their students, to find out their goals and their individual needs and strengths. Our teachers are university educated, hold specialist qualifications and have taught ELICOS successfully to international students for many years. Students will have an opportunity to learn from qualified and experienced teachers who not only help students with the class exercises and work but also advise students on how to learn English better and more effectively. In addition to assisting students with satisfactory academic results, teachers also pay attention to build up practical skills for students. Hence students can experience inspiring lessons integrated with generic skills. This focus on student centred teaching by qualified teachers in central to the Scots English College.


All of Scots’ high-quality ELICOS courses are accredited by the Australia Government to meet students’ expectations based on their individual interests and career aspirations.


The Scots’ approach to English teaching:

  • Making the objectives of each lesson clear to the learners
  • Making clear to the learners how and why the language they are developing in class is useful in real life, outside class
  • Making the lessons as relevant as possible to the learners’ lives
  • Ensuring that the final balance of macro skills and lesson content addresses the needs of the particular learners in the class
  • Assisting learners to determine or refine their language learning aims and to see how the course is addressing these aims
  • Making the lessons as fun and motivating as possible
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Brett Elphick

Mr Brett Elphick

Born into convict ancestry, Brett can trace his family roots back many generations in Australia. He loves history and imparting that knowledge to his students enriches their own cultural experience here in Australia. Besides history, he is into technology and has a degree in Internet Communications and is currently completing his Masters of Science in Project Management. In his free time, you might find him fishing or hunched over his computer learning new code. If you ever have a computer problem, Brett’s your man.

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Ms Daisy

Daisy is a passionate English teacher with 10 years experience in teaching English to international students. She believes if you love your students, they will love English or/and you back! She dedicates herself to every lesson she teaches, striving to make them fun, interactive and practical. She specializes in combining difficult grammar points with everyday situations, which students can relate to. Acting, singing even hide-and-seek are all kinds of activities incorporated into a fun English learning experience. While she believes "work hard, play hard", she also encourages her students to always aim for higher and push their limits when they seem to lose motivation or be too complacent. She had been teaching Upper-intermediate level for 8 months in Scots English College before changing to Elementary level now.  


Her motto is "Work hard, play hard." and "Grammar is like veges, interesting if handled the right way, and healthy for you!"


Education and Qualification

Master of Marketing, Sydney University

B.A in Foreign Language and Literature, National Taiwan University


Certificate IV in TAE

Advanced Diploma in Translating

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Sally Cullen

Ms Sally Cullen

Sally has spent most of her adult life travelling and living abroad. She started her teaching career in 2002 and spent ten years living in South East Asia. During this time she taught English to children and adults of all levels, constructed study programs for specific purposes, and conducted study tour groups. She also regularly spent time volunteering in Burmese refugee communities in Thailand and Tibetan refugee communities in India.


Since she returned to Australia, she has been teaching General English and IELTS Preparation in both Brisbane and Sydney and has completed a degree in Counselling.

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Marc Doorum

Mr Marc Doorum

Marc Doorum was born in Sydney and has taught English in Spain, China, New York, Hawaii and Sydney. Marc specializes in teaching English for the Cambridge FCE and CAE tests and is also a Cambridge speaking examiner for these exams. Marc has completed a Masters in Music in which he received the vice chancellor award for academic excellence. Further to this, Marc is currently completing a Masters of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Macquarie University. 

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Tony Dawson

Mr Tony Dawson

Gentle, creative, supportive, patient, and engaging, Tony has worked in teaching and learning for over 30 years. He believes in active learning, not passive learning. Born and raised in Australia (with Scottish roots), Tony has a Masters Degree  in Applied Linguistics. He enjoys seeing students eyes light up on discovering new skills and strategies for the IELTS Test.  He used to be a history teacher, and is interested in Asian languages (having taught in China, Korea and Japan), and lives on the northern beaches. 


Teaching is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel (Socrates). 

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Michaela Menhart

Ms Michaela Menhart

Michaela Menhart is 29 years old and was born in Australia. Her background is Slovakian. Having immigrant parents who moved to Australia as an escape from communism just at the young age of 24 without a word of English, she understands the daily struggle it can be to learn English whilst having other important responsibilities. Michaela completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney with a double major in Spanish and Latin American Studies and French Studies. Michaela has recently completed a Masters in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at The University of Technology, Sydney. Michaela is extremely well travelled and has also lived in Slovakia and Ireland where she completed 3 years of her high school education. Michaela has worked across many different industries in Australia developing a wide range of highly valuable skills before starting her journey as an ESL teacher. She has done volunteer English teaching In North, Central and South America and acted as an informal English teachers aid at the mere age of 15 in Slovakia. Michaela speaks fluent English and Slovak. She can converse comfortably in Czech and has a c2 proficiency level in Spanish and French. Michaela’s classroom is always a highly active and engaging class, looking at real life content. She always teaches English to the best that her education and experience allows her but she will always show you the “Aussie” way to making the content applicable to an Australian context.

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Diletta Rusca

Ms Diletta Rusca

Dilly was born in Italy, where she obtained a degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation in 2010 in order to become a translator of Academic English and Mandarin as well. Then she moved to London and worked for museums like The Tate Modern, the Tower of London and the National gallery. Later on, she obtained a Tesol certificate in the USA (Los Angeles) and she decided to work as a full-time ESL teacher. She has been doing that since 2012 in Europe, where she taught people of any age, including children with learning difficulties. She currently lives in Sydney and she has experience in teaching both General and Academic English (IELTS and FCE). Being a lover of ballet, She truly believes that movement and languages are a good mix: that's why her classes are so dynamic, creative and never boring. 

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Jenine Bow

Ms Jenine Bow

Jenine is Australian born though thinks of herself as a citizen of the world. She has completed a degree in Visual Arts and a TEFL certificate. Jenine has a background in Media, producing film and video work before teaching video at The Scots College, Belleview Hill. After teaching English abroad in Japan and France, she returned to Australia to teach English for the next 15 years, the last 7 specialising in English for Academic Purposes (EAP). She has designed syllabuses for both EAP1 and EAP2 and has trained teachers in their implementation. Jenine has also been a volunteer teacher at The Asylum Seekers Centre.

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Leo Wong

Mr Leo Wong

A native speaker, Leo has completed a Bachelor degree in Medical Science and a CELTA. He has spent several years teaching in ELICOS schools in Sydney. He loves the excitement of Elementary and the grammar of Advanced, though is currently focusing on Cambridge courses. He has experience in private classes for examination purposes and is an AMEP volunteer for Mission Australia and The Smith Family and enjoys teaching students how to teach themselves out-of-classroom. He is interested in continuing professional development and hopes to complete a Masters degree in TESOL.

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Luke Japon

Mr Luke Japon

Luke Japon has graduated from the University of Notre Dame Australia with a Bachelor of Marketing and Public Relations. After graduating he travelled to Japan and learnt about the need and importance for English and English language teachers within the global market. Since his return he has completed a Certificate IV in TESOL and has had experience teaching Japanese exchange students English with an exchange student company before becoming a teacher for Scots English College. He is currently teaching the English for General Purposes at intermediate level. Despite his short experience in the classroom, he demonstrates the qualities of being an excellent teacher through his firm but kind approach. 

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Bruce Alexander

Mr Bruce Alexander


Teaches: General English – all levels

Speaks: English (first language), French

Believes: We learn more when we’re having fun!


Bruce teaches what we used to call ‘English for Academic Purposes’ or EAP. It’s a special English course for students who want to continue their education with a Certificate, Diploma or Degree at an English-speaking college or university. Bruce understands the academic world: He has a Master’s Degree in Management and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and has spoken at conferences in 8 countries. Bruce also believes that learning should be fun. His fast-paced lessons on essay writing, researching a topic, note-taking, listening to lectures, making classroom presentations and debating are always lively and enjoyable. You will also learn confidence and the ability to make friends easily, important skills in a competitive university or college environment. 

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Caleb Bova

Mr Caleb Bova

‘I’m a qualified primary teacher with a specialisation in TESOL and Japanese. I’m educated and have practical experience in the area of special needs, dyslexia and autism. I’m also qualified to teach Business English and General English to adults. I have over 5 years experience teaching in the TESOL environment, including Australia, Japan and Thailand. I am knowledgeable and have experience teaching all levels of General English, Business English, Phonics and Pronunciation. I’m a B1-B2 Japanese speaker, a B1 Thai Speaker and a A2 Italian speaker. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!’

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Lisa Santos

Ms Lisa Santos

Lisa Santos was born in Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Sydney in 2013 and went on to complete her Master of Arts TESOL in 2014 at the same university. Lisa received a Dean’s Merit Award in recognition of her high results during her Master’s course. During her years at univeristy, Lisa studied a year in Madrid, Spain and learned the language. During this time Lisa worked for Canterbury English as an English Tutor where she worked mostly with children. During her Master’s degree, Lisa volunteered for Mission Australia as a Tutor. Since studying, Lisa has worked for a few colleges including; Canterbury Language Academy, NSW International English College and Metro College (GCA). During her years as a teacher, Lisa has been responsible for designing tests, syllabuses and organising excursions.


Motto: To be intelligent isn't measured by what you know, but how much you strive to know.

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Alexander Cowell

Mr Alexander Cowell

Alex Cowell grew up in Wollongong, Australia a divine place of beaches, surfers, mountains and hang gliders. After travelling overseas post-high school, including two years studying and working in Massachusetts, USA, he graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics. He passed through many industries on his road to ESL teaching: customer service, hospitality, private tutoring, internships for media production companies, staff writer for an online television blog; however, it was the completion of a CELTA course in 2014 that opened his eyes to the rewarding world of English teaching. Alex has been working in the ELICOS industry for over two years and is excited to bring his passion and knowledge to Scots English College.

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Joanna McMahon

Ms Joanna McMahon

Joanna has completed a first class honours degree in English and Philosophy, a Masters in Philosophy, a Professional Diploma in Education and a TEFL certificate. She has received awards for her academic achievements. She has spent several years teaching in both secondary schools and English language schools in Ireland and Scotland. She also has substantial experience in providing private tuition to students of all ages and abilities. She also has a keen interest in journalism and has written for local papers in Ireland. She has helped to run courses in debating and public speaking in the different schools where she worked. 

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Karolina Staniszewska

Ms Karolina Staniszewska

Karolina is an experienced, positive and cheerful English teacher. She has a degree in English Language Teaching specialising in TESOL from the University of Warsaw. She began her teaching career in 2012 in Poland where she taught English to adult students across the range of levels. She was responsible for designing teaching materials and personalised language courses for General English and Business English courses. In 2014 she moved to China where she worked for two years as an English Teacher in two language schools in Chengdu. Karolina specialised in teaching General English, IELTS/TOEFL preparation courses and helping students master their language skills before moving overseas. During that time, she worked with students of different ages and levels. After moving to Australia in June 2016, she joined Scots English College where she has an opportunity to do what she loves - working with international students. She aims to provide them with the best possible English education within a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

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