Top Australian Part-time Jobs for International Students

In case you’re thinking of what kind of job you can do while studying abroad in Australia, we’ve put together a list of some popular part-time work opportunities for international students.


When learning English in Sydney or pursuing a degree/ vocational course in the city, you may find a part-time job can help with your finances, increase your life experience, introduce you to new friends and help you to practise your English in the ‘real world’. If you’ve been thinking of working during your course, you’re not alone because many overseas students look for extra work while studying abroad. Below we’ve put together a list of some popular Australia part-time jobs for international students. Job eligibility and job search ways are also mentioned.


What kind of job can I do?




1. Odd jobs


Odd jobs include waiters, laundry jobs, harvesting at farms, etc.


These jobs don’t require you to have lots of skills and qualifications. Being hardworking and conversant will help you secure jobs like these.


It is easy to find these kinds of jobs in densely populated areas, on bustling streets with numerous shops and eateries, or through leaflets/ billboards.


2. Work at the university


Working on campus is one of the most popular options for international students. Aside from earning extra money, this job helps you to meet new people, improve English skills and give you valuable experience.


To be qualified for work at the university, you will need to have good English to handle the job and guide students. Also, dynamic students will have better opportunities for such jobs.


These jobs are limited, and their competition level is high. From your course start, you should build a good relationship with the school and have a good academic record. This will be an advantage to your job application.


3. Internship 


Most Australian companies allow students to take part in their internship programs. Being an intern gives you much needed experience relevant to your field of study.


You will be eligible for this kind of job if you are either a student at colleges/ universities that have internship in their program curriculum or if you have graduated and wish to get internship experience.


Australian institutions are now actively associated with companies for their students to participate in internships. So you can seek internship opportunities at the college’s the employment centre. Also, job-search websites can be useful to find work: Student VipInternship in AustraliaStudents Go Abroad/ Internship AustralaAdzunaBudding Talents RecruitmentWork for NSW.


4.  Volunteering


There are numerous volunteering opportunities for international students who are enthusiastic, hardworking and willing to contribute to the community. Volunteering gives you a great English practice environment, work experience, networking and local culture immersing chances, and a more varied CV. Activities in these organisations range from tree planting to visits to elderly people in a nursing home.


You can look for volunteer work at the student union of school. There are also some sites you can visit to find opportunities: Go VolunteerVolunteering AustraliaSeek VolunteerOxfam Australia/ Volunteer with Us.


What makes a good job for international students?




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When searching for a job, it’s important to take several things into account:

  • You work should fit your studies and lifestyle (part-time jobs should not interrupt your studies).
  • Work opportunities help you to integrate quickly into a new culture and meet new friends.
  • A job helps you to improve English skills.
  • Employment adds work experience to your resume.

Work conditions for student visa holders?




Before you start to think about applying for a job, make sure that your visa permits you to work in Australia. International students in Australia on student visas can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their study period, and there is no limit on the number of hours an overseas students can work during holiday periods from their study. That means you can earn enough money to cover your living expenses or perhaps save some money to do some travelling around Australia.


Remember that you can’t work until your course begins. In case work is part of the curriculum of the course you are enrolled, then you can work more 40 hours per fortnight.


While student visa allows you to work in Australia, you need to pay tax on your earnings like an Australian citizen. That is why you will need to get a tax file number before beginning your work. You can apply online for the number through the Australian Taxation Office website. You may eligible for a tax return when you leave after your studies.


Before starting any work, make sure that you understand your rights and employment conditions, including the minimum wage, pay arrangements, rest periods and breaks and how to judge if you are working in a safe and health working environment. You can visit Fair Work Ombudsman for information about pay rates, working conditions, employment contracts, recruitment and dismissal, and Australian Human Rights Commission that helps with discrimination and breaches of human right at the workplace.