Christmas Party 2016

Happy Holidays!!!


It’s Christmas holiday time at Scots English College!


Christmas and New Year is the biggest annual holiday in Australia as it comes right in the middle of THE Australian summer.




Students, teachers and staff had their Christmas party om Thursday 15th December. Over the morning and evening lessons, over 120 students and teachers took part in the festivities.


Students from many different countries brought traditional dishes from their home countries so that their classmates could try them. Perhaps the desserts were the best! Yum!




Scots English College also provided an array of food, snacks and drinks. EAP teacher, Bruce Alexander, then presented a general knowledge quiz after dividing students up into groups.

There was also some dancing and  strangely, the Macarena seemed to be the most popular song for getting student onto the dance floor!




PEO, Joe Lynch thanked both his teachers for working so hard during the past five months and for their help with making Scots that successful college it has become in the past year. Joe especially thanked the students who have choosing Scots English College, for their hard work and their support.






Happy Holidays! Have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you again in 2017.