How to Take Care of Your Health When Studying in Australia

Many international students in Australia live away from home and their families for the first time. They have to take care of their health. Understanding this, here are some tips for looking after your health. You will study better when you feel happy and healthy.


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Studying in Australia is an amazing experience with leading education programs, a multicultural environment and many new adventures. It is also an experience full of challenges and potential for personal growth. Indeed, many international students in Australia are away from the comforts of home and the support of their families for the first time. They have to take care of their health.


1. Stay active


Being physically active is a great way to take care of yourself. Staying active is not only great for your health but also boosts your energy, helps you to manage your stress levels and improve your focus on studies. To keep active, you can join a sporting team, go to the gym, or simply go for a swim or walk a few times each week.


2. Eat healthy


When you come to a new country, everything is different, including food. Many international students, especially those who have left home for the first time, can struggle with their eating habits. To study successfully, socialize and keep yourself from getting sick, you should maintain a healthy and balanced diet. We recommend learning some quick and healthy recipes and planning your weekly meals. Why not visit a market on the weekend to buy fruit, vegetables and fresh meat for the week?


3. Utilize health services


All international students in Australia access health care through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme. So if you are feeling unwell, even having a minor illness, don’t hesitate to use the health services in Australia. Though you may have to pay for doctor’s appointment and prescription medication, a part of these costs can be claimed through your OSHC provider.


4. Get involved in social activities



Scots’ teachers and students visited Sea Life Sydney Aquarium as part of our interesting excursions to Sydney attractions.


Your emotional well-being is closely associated with your overall health. So it is important for you to feel positive, happy and engage in social activities aside from attending classes. At Scots, we always do our best to help students to balance their study commitments with their social lives. For example, we have optional weekly ‘outdoor and explore’ activities on Fridays, regular monthly excursions to a range of popular locations in the Sydney area and optional evening social activities including movie night, food night and games night. 


5. Have a trip


Travel can boost your health and overall well-being. Have a fun trip and enjoy it to the max. If you are studying in Sydney, there are things you can do without spending a cent. You can walk across the Harbour Bridge, pack a picnic and visit Observatory Hill or enjoy a leisurely walk to Mrs Macquaries Point. You can also discover Sydney’s markets and take home fresh produce. A cycling tour alone or in group is another wonderful option. If you want to run free discovery rides with others, check here.


6. Utilize our student support




At Scots, we gives students personal support. Our staff are friendly and here to listen to you. Your health and well-being are important – don’t hesitate to ask us for help!


We hope this list helps you to have a healthy and incredible time in Australia!