jobs in sydney

Pay attention to these important factors that can help you get a part-time job faster during study in Australia.


When joining an English language course in Sydney or pursuing a degree/ vocational course in the city, you may find a part-time job can help with your finances, increase your life experience, introduce you to new friends and help you to practise your English in the ‘real world’. If you’ve been thinking of working during your course, you’re not alone because many overseas students look for extra work while studying abroad. Given below are tips that you can use to boost your job search and land a job.


1. Be confident


The first and most important thing is to take courage to accept challenges and express yourself. It doesn’t mean to lie but focus on your strengths when introducing yourself at the interview. For example, you shouldn’t say in a job interview that “I’m not sure...”, “I’m not good at...” or “I don’t have...”. Instead, just hit the point, telling about your strengths and how they make you a potential candidate for the post. Some international students in Australia who are accustomed to different cultural requirements feel uncomfortable with straightforward communication. Australian employers, indeed, want to know you’re confident with your ability as well as showing off your skills within the competitive interview round. Let’s say, “My biggest strength is…”


2. Understand yourself




What are you good at? What career do you want? They sound simple, but think carefully about these questions and be sure what your true passion is. Though money is one of the factors to consider, that you like your job and do it well is perhaps more important.


3. Evidence your skills


When writing a resume, don’t reply on clichés like “I’m hard-working and efficient.” or “I’m a critical thinker and problem solver”. It would be much better if you can specify some examples – how you yourself do a complicated job, how you prioritise your workload, etc. Employers will be more impressed by seeing examples of your abilities and performance, even if they aren’t related to the job.


Bonus: In Australia, problem-solving, in many cases, is more important than your grades or achievements at school. In the end, what a person achieves at school is not really equivalent to what he/she accomplishes in life. Your boss will like you better if you can demonstrate you’re a problem solver.


4. Take an initiative


You can call and talk with the employers when applying for a job. This way may impress them as soon as your application is sent. Also, to know more about the job and write a more compelling application, further ask about the position you wish to apply. Research shows that the average time that employers look at a resume is 6 seconds, so making a good impression on the phone can help you stand out.




5. Expand network with volunteering


Volunteering gives a great English practice environment, work experience and local culture immersing chances. It also offers you a chance to truly expand your network – who knows, maybe your future boss will meet you in such activities! Recruiters prefer versatile applicants to someone with only one certain skill.


Now that you’ve got tips to find Australian part-time jobs for international students, it’s time to make the most of work experience. It’s your time to shine!