Top 6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Scots Teacher

At Scots English College (Scots), our amazing beloved teachers are a huge part of what brings our motto ‘Placing Students at the centre of everything we do’ to life. Let’s have a closer look at why you’ll love your teachers when learning English with Scots!


1. They are ‘born teacher’



Scots teachers on Professional Development Day


Our Director of Studies personally recruits teachers here at Scots and he knows what a ‘born teacher’ is. Only ‘born teachers’ are recruited at Scots. They could be 20 years old or they could be 60 years old, but you will know you have someone special to guide you through your English learning.


2. They bring to you the best teaching methods



Writing might be boring sometimes, so Miss Dilly organised a treasure hunt. There were two teams which needed to find 10 words each that had been previously hidden. Once they found all the words, the students had to write together some fun stories using all the words and relative clauses too.


Scots' experienced, qualified teachers bring to students the best teaching methods. For Beginner level students, teachers will assist students to take their first steps by using games and outdoor activities. Daily activities are also important including going to the supermarket, movies, and shopping for clothes. At Intermediate level, our supportive teachers provide students with more academic materials and complicated English exercises. Students will have a chance to work in groups to discuss specific topics and to present their ideas. Through these types of activities, students will be more confident in using English in their daily lives. 


3. You will improve more than just language skills



Pre-intermediate students are advertising! They definitely have some proper marketing skills!


Scots teachers are always there to help their students, to find out their goals and their individual needs and strengths. Our teachers are university educated, hold specialist qualifications and have taught ELICOS successfully to international students for many years. Students will have an opportunity to learn from qualified and experienced teachers who not only help students with the class exercises and work but also advise students on how to learn English better and more effectively. In addition to assisting students with satisfactory academic results, teachers also pay attention to build up practical skills for students. Hence students can experience inspiring lessons integrated with generic skills. This focus on student centred teaching by qualified teachers is central to Scots.


4. They do love what they do




Our teachers have an endless passion for what they do. Their being passionate about their job helps them to be able to overcome all common obstacles in the profession to guide you toward the path of the knowledge acquisition. Also, you know, having amazing students like you is a daily motivation and inspiration for our teachers because at Scots, “Students Success” is how teacher success is measured.


5. You will take English easily and attain your educational goals



FCE class was having fun!


Learning should be fun but the reality is that you, as an international student, have paid money to study English and you want results, whether it be in a General English course, an English for Academic Purposes course or an IELTS Preparation course. This is what makes our teachers different; you will achieve your educational goals but you will also enjoy your learning.


6. You will get individual attention and feel like family



Miss Dilly makes sure that all her STUDENTS in general English do presentations at least once a week. This is good training for those who are going to study IELTS/EAP.


Scots recognises the ‘caring’ dimension to education. Some may believe that this is only important for children and teenagers, but our many years of experience in education and in the ELICOS industry has shown us that we, as adults, learn better if we feel valued and cared-for in the classroom and around the school where we study. This is no secret - its human nature! It’s about feeling secure in a new and strange environment. Come study with us and you will immediately feel part of a family and be treated as an individual. If you need additional help to reach your English goals, we will provide that for you; if there is a problem we will fix it; if we can help you with issues outside the Institute, we will do all we can.