To celebrate upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday, Scots had organized a sea & surf excursion for our beloved students last week. This activity belongs to our regular outdoor events which aims to enhance students’ English speaking & listening skills by integrating them to the practical conversations.

Start from the early morning, this is a full day trip with lots of activities. We spent the whole morning at Whale Beach. Some enjoyed the surfing class with our private instructors. For the one with the first time trying this sport, it was challenging and motivating at the same time to ride fun waves. Some others preferred sunbathing and swimming.

Teachers and our supporters prepared some fun games and team-building activities for the afternoon. Students was randomly divided into separate team and won the game by racing to get the highest score. Following was a warm and delicious barbecue party where the students can learn a lot about the Australian food, culture and people here.

As Mr. Joe Lynch – Director of Studies of Scots English College has said: “Language learning should be fun. It is all about communication with other people and learning will be easier when you make friend and have fun activities outside the class”. Our students, even the very shy one, really got the chance to exposure to the culture and practice English.

More activities for students coming up next. Please check our website for the event schedule and information.


Photos from the excursion: