Sydney: Useful Information You Need to Know

Before kicking off your study at Scots in Sydney, let’s have a look at the following useful information about this city that will host you for a rewarding and enjoyable study experience.


When learning English in Sydney, it’s important to gather useful information about this city to make your life easier. Below we’ve prepared a list for you with some information you will need to know during your experience here, including things to do in Sydney, emergency contacts, useful links and top apps to use.


Information about Sydney



Pictureque view from Bronte beach (Sydney) on our winter BBQ excursion

  • Sydney is located on Australia’s South-East coast.
  • It is the largest city and capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia with about 5 million inhabitants and covering almost 1120 square kilometers (700 square miles).
  • The climate of Sydney is relatively mild with the average maximum temperature of 25.80C in summer and 15.90C in winter.
  • In Sydney, you are provided with the best public facilities. All points of the greater metropolitan area are covered with an excellent train, bus and ferry service.
  • English is the main language spoken in the city. Four other languages, Arabic, Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese are also quite common among people living here.

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Things to do



Korean restaurant - Yum! The best way to learn about food and flavours is sampling some together with friends. Our Korean friends recommended us the best traditional dishes and taught us how to use chopsticks. 

  • There is an abundance of breathtaking landscapes in Sydney that you should explore and enjoy. For example, Sydney Habour, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Darling Habour, Sydney Habour Bridge, Sydney Tower, Sydney Aquarium, Queen Victoria Building, Luna Park Sydney, and much more.
  • Hanging out with your friends in Sydney to enjoy cuisines and supermarkets made up from many nationalities. Many kinds of food are available for you to choose, from Japanese, Korean to Vietnamese, Spanish and Moroccan.
  • Some famous centres for shopping and recreation that can be named here are Westfield Sydney Central Plaza, Queen Victoria Building, The Strand Arcade, Mid-City Shopping Centre, The Rocks Foodies Market.
  • Scots English (Scots) also offers many Study City-Tours for students to open up opportunities for you to improve your English skills via face-to-face experience and to cultivate your knowledge of Australian people and lifestyle.

Life at Scots



  • Food and Shops: You can get everything you need right close to Scots, from grabbing a cup of take-away coffee in the morning to a late-night supper. Need student essentials? You can find learning equipment and IT access on campus. Also, York Street has an abundance of food stores for snacks, books, bus tickets to name but a few.  Furthermore, there are numerous recreational centres and shopping malls near Scots, within a short walking distance, where you can enjoy and relax after your studies.
  • Events and Activities: There are loads of events which are held at Scots campus to ignite your enthusiasm.
  • Student Support: It will certainly feel like home during your studies at Scots. Our Student Support Team will give you the best advice on both academic and student life. For any details of our student support and how to book an appointment with our advisors, please email us at Contact Us.

Emergency contacts

  • Scots English College Main Contact Details:

          Level 11, 99 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
          P: + 61(0) 2 9199 8589

  • International Student Coordinator/Advisor

          Joe Lynch
          Director of Studies
          P: + 61(0) 2 9199 8589
          Mobile: 0422 369 759

  • International Student 24 Hour Emergency Contact

         Joe Lynch
         Director of Studies
         P: + 61(0) 2 9199 8589
         Mobile: 0422 369 759

  • Homestay Coordinator

         Silvia Hornackova
         Student Service Officer
         P: + 61(0) 2 9199 8589
         Mobile: 0422 379 367

  • Telephone Numbers

          Police, Fire, Ambulance – 000
          Department of Immigration and Border Protection
          26 Lee St, Sydney NSW 2000
          Counter hours:
          9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday
          Phone: 131 881

  • Medical Centres

         CBD Women’s Health
         Suite 401 - 403, Level 4
         46 Market Street, Sydney 2000
         Phone: 02 9299 7777
         Sydney CBD Medical Centre
         242 Castlereagh Street
         Sydney NSW 2000
          Phone: (02) 9268 0133
         World Square Medical Centre
         644 George Street,
         Shop 9.09c World Square Shopping Centre,
         Sydney NSW 2000
         Phone: (02) 9777 0024

  • Transport

          Transport hotline: 131500
          Parramatta Taxis: 13 10 17

  • Location of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

         Cnr. Market &, Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000
         Cnr & Market St, York St, Sydney NSW
         Commonwealth Bank
         Cnr George & Market Sts, Sydney NSW 2000
         134 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000
         Post Office
         44 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000


Useful links


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Useful Apps



  • Wi-fi Finder
  • Lost on Campus
  • University apps
  • Google maps
  • Route planning web pages (developed by local transportation companies)
  • Google Translate
  • EasyBib
  • XE Currency
  • Tiny Scanner
  • The Happiest Hour
  • Student Edge
  • UniDays

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