6 Ways to Make Money While Studying Abroad in Australia

Below we list financial resources you can take advantage of when studying in Australia.


It can be difficult to maintain a budget while studying abroad. Aside from covering tuition and accommodation costs, you also have to fend for such costs as food, communication, having sightseeing trips, etc. If you are worried about how to maintain your bank balance during your studies, refer to these financial resources.


1. Part-time job




Working part time is a very beneficial way to get some extra money to fend for yourself and practise your English skills while studying in Australia. International students in Australia on student visas can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their study period. Job fields the students can apply for include: retail (fashion, grocery, cosmetics stores), hospitality (working in a cinema, restaurant, cafe, bar, fast food outlets), services (working in supermarkets, gas stations, customer service centers, nail salons, hair salons), industry (you have a chance to get a part-time job that is your college major).


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2. Tutoring




For another source of income, you can tutor other students based on your academic and career skills, for example, a Mathematics tutor, etc. There are many students who need help with their education. You can post ads at the related forums, Facebook pages or sites such as gumtree.com.au, seek.com.au, studentvip.com.au.


3. Freelancing


Freelancing gives you some income and freedom at work. To be a freelancer, you need a certain level of technical competence. Just sign up for freelance websites and find the right job or project. Some popular jobs include copywriters, social media marketer, graphic designers, web designers, virtual assistants, programmers, language teachers.


4. Work during the winter and summer holidays


As regulated, there is no limit on the number of hours an overseas students can work during holiday periods from their study. Make use of this time to work overtime, or apply for the internship programs related to your major. During holidays, restaurants and shop need lots of seasonal employees. You can take the chance to get the job.


5. Work at the university




Working on campus is one of the most popular options for international students. Aside from earning extra money, this job helps you to meet new people, improve English skills and give you valuable experience.To be qualified for work at the university, you will need to have good English to handle the job and guide students. Also, dynamic students will have better opportunities for such jobs. The school's website and Facebook page can be useful to find the work.


6. Sell some stuff you never use and/ or no longer need


Have you ever had things that you buy but never wear or use? If yes, sell them. Don’t wait until they get old. Also, sell your old books and anything else you no longer need. There are online shopping sites such as Ebay, Gumtree, or community shopping Facebook pages you can visit to sell your items.