World's 50 Best Beaches Include 4 in Australia

4 Australian beaches have been named among the best on the planet. They are in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia.


The accurate and reliable list is assembled by travel site FlightNetwork, ranking the world’s 50 most stunningly beautiful beaches according to the opinions of over 600 travel journalists, editors, bloggers and agencies. 4 beaches in Australia have been named among the world’s top 50.


Whitehaven Beach – No 2



The beach is on tropical Whitsunday Island, off the coast of Queensland and about 900 miles northeast of Brisbane. “Whitehaven Beach will make you believe in love at first sight,” the list says. Image: FlightNetwork


Whitehaven Beach on Queensland’s Whitsunday Island came in at the world’s No. 2. The beach scored perfect 10s for its sheer untouched beauty, remoteness, and sand and water quality. 'Whitehaven Beach has oh-so-white sands, deepest green rainforests, and crystalline waters. It’s a wild island, part of the Great Barrier Reef, and is by far the most beautiful location to experience', writes Sharron Livingston of The Travel Magazine. It has 292 days of sunshine per year, and the average annual temperature is 27oC. The beach can be accessed by sea or air.


Hyams Beach – No 8



The beach is about a three-hour drive from both Sydney and Canberra. “No place on earth invites you to relax and unwind quite like the luxuriously soft white sands of Hyams Beach,” the list says. Image: FlightNetwork 


Hyams Beach in NSW’s Jervis Bay National Park was named No.8. It received 10 out of 10 for its sheer untouched beauty, a 9 score for sand and water quality, and an 8 for remoteness. 'Hyams Beach had the whitest sand I’ve ever seen against a beautiful backdrop. I almost couldn’t believe it to be true', writes Jemma York of Academy Travel. On average, the beach enjoys 251 days of sunshine and the annual temperature of 17oC. It can be accessed by train or drive from Sydney. During your time studying English in Sydney, it’s a nice idea to have an incredibly exotic journey to Hyams Beach.


Lucky Bay – No 18



“Lucky Bay in Western Australia has been rated one of the top beach destinations for its crystal blue waters and white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see,” the list says. Image: FlightNetwork 


Another beach to make the list is Lucky Bay on the south coast of Western Australia. The beach scored a 9 for sheer untouched beauty and sand and water quality, and a 7 for remoteness. 'Lucky Bay is one of the most stunning untouched landscapes featuring azure waters, blindingly white sand and the occasional visit by local kangaroos', writes Rebecca Chisholm of Rottnest Island Authority. It enjoys 295 days of sunshine and the temperature of 21oC on average, per year. You have 3 ways to get from Sydney to Lucky Bay: fly, train and drive.


Turquoise Bay – No 29



This is known as one of West Australia’s best beaches. “Turquoise Bay has the purest and most vivid turquoise colored waters a traveler will ever experience,” the list says. Image: FlightNetwork 


Located in Australia's Cape Range National ParkTurquoise Bay enjoys 275 days of sunshine per year and the average temperature of 17oC. It earned perfect 10 scores for sheer untouched beauty and sand and water quality, and an 8 for remoteness. 'The beach is wide, remote, and with very few people meant for a serene day in the tropics. The underwater marine life makes this beach even more spectacular with the astounding Ningaloo Coral Reef', writes Uncornered Market. You can get there by air, train, bus or drive from Sydney.