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Scots is renowned for convergence of exceptional staff possessing a broad range of experience and qualifications in the educational field, who are passionate and committed to deliver the best student support services. They all know how to encourage and support students whenever they need us. Those honorees are the ones making Scots one of the prestigious colleges in Australia regarding English language provision.
Scots always creates a distinctive environment to motivate and treasure dedicated staff members. Notably, diversity is what makes us outstanding when talents from various regions all over the world share a common mission of satisfy students’ desire and facilitate them to the best during their study at Scots.


Mr. Patrick Hayeck

Director of Studies

Our Director of Studies, Mr. Patrick Hayeck, has extensive experience in ELICOS teaching and management both in Australia and overseas. Over the last 10 years, he has taught a broad range of English courses to students of all levels, ages and walks of life. He is also a teacher trainer, curriculum writer and the creator of a groundbreaking pronunciation teaching method now being taught by the most popular English schools in Sydney, Australia. Patrick was nominated for the John Gallagher Professional Bursary and invited to speak at the 2011 ACPET conference about his ground breaking teaching method. Patrick's passion and motivation for helping English learners to realize their dreams is second to none. He is equally admired by teachers and students for his massive energy and enthusiasm as well as for his management and leadership skills.

At Scots English College, “Students Success” is how teacher success is measured. Our experienced, qualified teachers bring to students the best teaching methods. For the Beginners, teachers will assist students to take their first steps by using games and outdoor activities. Daily activities are also important including going to the supermarket, movies, and shopping for clothes. At the intermediate level, our supportive teachers provide students with more academic materials and complicated English exercises. Students will have a chance to work in groups to discuss specific topics and to present their ideas. Through these types of activities, students will be more confident in using English in their daily lives.

Scots’ teachers are always there to help their students, to find out their goals and their individual needs and strengths. Our teachers are university educated, hold specialist qualifications and have taught ELICOS successfully to international students for many years. Students will have an opportunity to learn from qualified and experienced teachers who not only help students with the class exercises and work but also advise students on how to learn English better and more effectively. In addition to assisting students with satisfactory academic results, teachers also pay attention to build up practical skills for students. Hence students can experience inspiring lessons integrated with generic skills. This focus on student centred teaching by qualified teachers in central to the Scots English College.

All of Scots’ high-quality ELICOS courses are accredited by the Australia Government to meet students’ expectations based on their individual interests and career aspirations.

  • Making the objectives of each lesson clear to the learners
  • Making clear to the learners how and why the language they are developing in class is useful in real life, outside class
  • Making the lessons as relevant as possible to the learners’ lives
  • Ensuring that the final balance of macro skills and lesson content addresses the needs of the particular learners in the class
  • Assisting learners to determine or refine their language learning aims and to see how the course is addressing these aims
  • Making the lessons as fun and motivating as possible

Mr Patrick Hayeck


Qualifications gained: MA Communication & Cultural Studies, MA TESOL
Courses taught: Pronunciation & Communication (Not Yet Endorsed by NEAS)
Languages spoken: English, Arabic, some French, some Japanese
Philosophy believed: The 4 pillars of success are Passion for the soul to breathe, Fitness for the mind and body to operate, Self-worth for a healthy relationship with self and Balance between a healthy dose of egotism and a reasonable dose of altruism to make the world go around.

Patrick started his English teaching career 10 years ago. It wasn't too long before he began to wonder why it was taking so long for the students to improve their English and what he could do to speed up their learning. Patrick then created a teaching method, known as BBR (Block, Build and Rewire), to help the students to block their old speaking habits, build new muscle memory and rewire their brains in processing the language quicker. Since then, he's helped hundreds of English learners to explore new exciting opportunities and achieve career success.


Mr Leo Wong


Qualifications gained: BSc Medical Science, CELTA & Cert IV TESOL
Courses taught:General English, Cambridge Preparation
Languages spoken: English
Philosophy believed: When you ask a question, you might be embarrassed for 5 minutes; when you don't ask a question, you might be ignorant for 50 years.

A native speaker, Leo has completed a Bachelor degree in Medical Science and a CELTA. He has spent several years teaching in ELICOS schools in Sydney. He loves the excitement of Elementary and the grammar of Advanced, though is currently focusing on Cambridge courses. He has experience in private classes for examination purposes and is an AMEP volunteer for Mission Australia and The Smith Family and enjoys teaching students how to teach themselves out-of-classroom. He is interested in continuing professional development and hopes to complete a Masters degree in TESOL.


Ms Sally Cullen


Qualifications gained: BA Counselling, CELTA
Courses taught: General English
Languages spoken: English
Philosophy believed: Education builds understanding and tolerance.

Sally has spent most of her adult life travelling and living abroad. She started her teaching career in 2002 and spent ten years living in South East Asia. During this time she taught English to children and adults of all levels, constructed study programs for specific purposes, and conducted study tour groups. She also regularly spent time volunteering in Burmese refugee communities in Thailand and Tibetan refugee communities in India.
Since she returned to Australia, she has been teaching General English and IELTS Preparation in both Brisbane and Sydney and has completed a degree in Counselling.


Mr Marc Doorum


Qualifications gained: MA Music & MA Applied Linguistics (in progress), CELTA
Courses taught: General English, Cambridge Preparation
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Philosophy believed: Education is the key to happiness.

Mark completed his Cambridge CELTA in Sydney in 2006 and started teaching in Spain and China before returning to Australia. He taught all levels of General English, EAP and IELTS before moving into and specialising in Cambridge ESOL examinations in 2015. Mark is a speaking examiner for Cambridge and regularly has to partake in examiner training, assessment and observation to maintain this position. Mark will finish his Master of Applied Linguistics in 2019.

bart dybiec

Mr Bart Dybiec


Qualifications gained: MA TESOL
Courses taught: General English
Languages spoken: English, Polish
Philosophy believed: Knowledge unlocks all doors

Bart has been teaching English since 2010 in Poland and the USA. He believes that good teachers never stop learning – it keeps them motivated, make the lessons more interesting and stops them from getting stuck in a rut. It is a great privilege to meet students from all over the world. He tries to encourage learners to make new friends in the classroom. More international friendships help to make this world a happier place and improve students’ English skills. Simply put, Bart loves teaching English and it’s a massive thrill for him when every student succeeds.


Ms Fariba Sultanzadeh


Qualifications gained: MA English & MPhil English, CELTA & Cert IV TESOL
Courses taught: Cambridge Preparation
Languages spoken: English, Turkish, Arabic
Philosophy believed: You know one language, you are one person. You know more, you become people. Language is not merely a medium of communication, it is a skill within which we share cultural beliefs and values and empower ourselves.

Fariba got her first job as an English and Maths tutor when she turned 16 years old. Helping out the immigrant teenagers who were grappling with their final exams made her feel useful within and appreciated by those who were in need of learning how to achieve their educational goals. Hearing the students say, "Thanks to you, we passed the test!" felt so rewarding that she decided to continue helping those whose language was always a barrier often leading into social barriers too. She then decided to become a trained English Language Teacher. Teaching ever since and learning from her myriad of experiences, she has never regretted it at all.


Ms Claire Williams


Qualifications gained: PGCE, CELTAL
Courses taught: General English
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Philosophy believed: Building blocks will deliver core competencies.

Claire has a Bachelor in English Literature / Language and is a qualified ESL teacher and high school teacher having taught English language / Literature to students in London, Barcelona and Sydney. Professionalism in understanding the students’ needs and aims is paramount to Claire's success as an English Teacher. Claire empowers pupils by employing a variety of learning strategies and multisensory teaching aids to get the best out of each individual. Speaking, role-plays, writing and fun feature in her classes.


Mr Joe Schettino


Qualifications gained: BA English Literature, History and Media Studies, CELTA
Courses taught: IELTS Preparation
Languages spoken: English, Italian
Philosophy believed: A teacher should take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, and never know too much to learn something new.

Joe came into teaching by accident when he went to observe a friend teaching Italian to primary school students in the mid 80’s when the Australian government was putting money into encouraging Australian kids to learn a foreign language. She made it look fun and easy so he thought he could do it as well and took on a teaching job with COASIT soon after. It was like diving in the deep end of a swimming pool without knowing how to swim however after some initial sleepless nights and growing pains it did become fun and gave him the confidence to believe that he could do it as well. In 1988 he decided to go to Japan for a gap year and this is where he remained until 2005. During that period, he taught company lessons, conversation and children’s classes however it was the final 12 years spent teaching in the Japanese Junior High school system which gave him his biggest satisfaction. Since returning to Australia in 2005, Joe has taught ELICOS at all levels from Pre-Intermediate to EAP and IELTS. He has been at Scots since 2016 and is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity.


Ms Shauna Giblin


Qualifications gained: BA Journalism, Cert TEFL
Courses taught: General English
Languages spoken: English
Philosophy believed: Life is a journey, not a destination.

Shauna got her first teaching job in a poor, small suburb of Beijing China. Here she got see children who didn’t have a lot but were eager to learn. Their joy and excitement about learning drove her to be better and built her passion for education. Through this she pushed herself to learn more, educate herself on different teaching techniques and teach in varying schools from poor to rich, young to old. In doing this she built a solid base of knowledge which she will only continue to build on.


Ms Skye Peacock


Qualifications gained: BA (Mandarin Language & Literature) & BEd (in progress), TESOL Certificate
Courses taught: General English
Languages spoken: English, Mandarin
Philosophy believed: Learning a language starts with having the confidence to believe you can do it.

Skye has always been fascinated in languages. From a young age, she has studied a number of them. Falling in love with Asian language, she decided to pursue her career as a teacher in China where she has been for the past 15 years. Alongside teaching, she also completed a BA in Mandarin from a well-known Chinese University. Skye has taught many ages and thoroughly enjoyed it all. As she watched her students build the strength and courage to speak in English is knew that this was the right career for her. The pleasure she gains from her job is something that cannot be compared too. She continues to this day to follow the belief that there is no limit nor age to stop learning and that confidence is the key to being a successful English speaker.


Ms Stephanie Gadd


Qualifications gained: MEd (TESOL)
Courses taught: General English, Cambridge Preparation
Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans, some Italian, some Thai
Philosophy believed: Learning is as important as teaching.

Stephanie began teaching in her fourth year at university. Taking tutorial classes convinced her that she wanted to communicate her interest in language and literature to other people. Since then she has taught in South Africa, Asia and Australia, at high schools and now at SCOTS. She finds learning from her students to be as interesting as teaching them and continues to study in her personal time.


Mr Purevdorj Walters


Qualifications gained: BSc Construction Management, TEFL Certificate
Courses taught: General English
Languages spoken: English, Mongolian
Philosophy believed: Consistency will eventually be rewarded.

Having got a degree in construction project management, new to the industry PJ always had the urge to teach English within the industry. PJ strongly believes that education is knowledge from knowledge comes unimaginable asset to each individual. Though both challenging and rewarding at times, PJ cherishes the emotions that students emit as its one of the most priceless things that an individual can offer to others.


Ms Ann Golub


Qualifications gained: BA (Linguistics), Graduate Certificate in TESOL
Courses taught: General English, Cambridge Preparation
Languages spoken: English, Russian, Hebrew
Philosophy believed: While it’s important that we deliver the curriculum and try to impart certain skills on to our students, I firmly believe that students should enjoy the lessons and have fun with language learning. I’m committed to give my all to every lesson and every student I teach.

Ann's working life in Sydney started in advertising, as she worked as a Graphic Artist for a number of years. But her passion and real interest lay elsewhere, and so she changed her life in 2015 by enrolling in a Bachelor degree to study Linguistics. She never looked back, only forward, toward her goal of becoming an ESL Teacher.
During her university years, Ann has worked privately as a tutor, her favourite areas to work on being grammar and pronunciation.
Ann believes building rapport with her students is key to successful teaching and learning, which is why she always takes a personal interest in her students' lives, and tries to help them in any way she can. Ann is a diligent and aspiring teacher, whose hope is to help every student reach their full potential. Ann is passionate about teaching and she loves her job.

Rowan Scott-1

Mr Rowan Scott


Qualifications gained: Bachelor of Arts in English, CELTA
Courses taught: General English, EAP, Cambridge Preparation
Languages spoken: English
Philosophy believed: Consistency will eventually be rewarded.

He spent the early part of his career volunteering as a tutor and mentor to Indigenous high school students. Knowing he wanted to help people make the most of their education, it was an easy transition into the ELICOS industry where Rowan has been teaching English for Academic Purposes, General English and now Cambridge English at Scots English College.


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