Pronunciation & Communication Course (PRONCOM)

(Not Yet Endorsed by NEAS)

CRICOS Course Code: 099367F
Levels: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced;
Duration: 5 weeks (minimum) or 10 weeks
Full-time: 20 hours per week;
Fees(per week): $280
Delivery Mode: Face to Face
Delivery Location: Please contact us directly.

The course uses a unique and revolutionary method known as B.B.R. founded upon 3 principles:

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pronunciation img-1
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Blocking your old speaking habits in English | Because you use the sounds of your first language to say English words.

Building new muscle memory of new speaking habits | Because speaking a language is a physical skill just like playing the piano - repetition is key.

Rewiring or reprogramming your neural networks to process the language in a totally different way | Because you think in your first language and translate to English - it does not work.


Why you should learn English on our T.E.R.M



  • Words will start coming to you without effort.
  • No more mental freezes.
  • English finally becomes part of you; you will breathe it.



  • You will feel much more powerful and confident expressing your opinions, ideas and messages.
  • You will be proud of how you sound; not embarrassed.
  • You will also belong to a global community - sound international.



  • You will use the language, not just learn ABOUT it.
  • You will keep repeating until you stop making the mistake or at least understand why you’re making it and how to fix it.
  • People will see the difference in your English right away.



  • BBR method is based on practice not theory, just like sports, it requires physical training.
  • The BBR teacher will push you hard until you achieve your goal.
  • Your energy and motivation will only go up because improvements are real and the results are relatively quick to see.


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