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It is with great pleasure that we now announce that Scots English College has been granted NEAS Quality Endorsement!
The NEAS Quality Assurance (QA) Framework has been developed through extensive consultation with the English language teaching (ELT) profession in Australia and overseas, industry bodies and government. The NEAS QA Framework concerns itself with the professional standards required by the range of occupations associated with English language teaching provision, in order to protect the interests of consumers of the goods and services provided by the English language teaching industry in Australia. This includes the vocational fields associated with teaching, instructional design and academic leadership.
You may also be interested to know that, on 5th January last, NEAS signed an MOU with ASQA . ASQA NOW recognises that participating in voluntary quality assurance schemes, such as that offered by NEAS, can be an effective way for ELICOS providers to enhance their ongoing education quality and demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement. The memorandum acknowledges that ASQA will use information provided by NEAS under this MOU as appropriate within ASQA’s Regulatory Risk Framework. This means that NEAS Quality Endorsement may be considered as a positive risk mitigation factor in the extensive range of data considered by the regulator in deciding where best to allocate its resources in managing risks in training and education.
NEAS Quality Endorsement is a highly-valued accolade for Scots English College. It demonstrates its commitment to quality English language course delivery and the priority Scots places on the student experience. The Team at Scots English College has been working very hard on its commitment to quality, and NEAS Quality Endorsement demonstrates that Scots continues to be a rising star in the delivery of high-quality English language programs to international students.
For confirmation of the above information, please visit: https://www.neas.org.au/

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