Students Testimonial

My name is Samuel and I am a Brazilian student. I think It all starts with curiosity followed by fascination, my story with the English language began long ago when I would try to copy an actor’s lines from a movie or while I would sing along with my favourite singer. I came to SCOTS like a raw stone that needed to be shaped and polished. I enrolled for a few weeks on the General English course to later on begin the CAE preparation course. Fariba was my teacher and mentor and I must say she masters all the subject she teaches and knows every student’s potential and flaws. Due to her teaching and every mock test taken in class I knew every step I had to proceed during the test which brought me the so expected C1 certificate.


General English

“Hi my name is Milica, and I studied at SCOTS English College for 1 year. I
enjoyed my time with other students and teachers as well. Also, I want to say that I had a great experience at this school and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun and good education.”e



“I’ve been learning English for 9 years, however I couldn’t understand and speak until I started to attend Scots College. It had totally changed my English world and I’m really thankful to my teachers, who are amazing people with lots of passion and patience for teaching English. I would recommend Scots to everyone, who want to know accurate English and have fun at the same time.”


Cambridge FCE“My name is Monica Bermeo. I’m 30 years old. I come from Colombia. I currently reside in Sydney, Australia where I have lived for approximately more than a year. I made a decision to go abroad to live an experience and to learn English. AT this moment I’m really proud of how I’ve improved my English and how I will be able to use this language in my country. It will help me to develop my profession as a Human Rights lawyer, being more competitive. I have chosen Scots English College since the beginning of my studies because I have found quality in the teaching methods, which are effective and efficient. In addition to this, it offers a pleasant environment for their students with extra class courses and different spaces conducive to learning and interacting with people.”


Cambridge CAE“I’m Brazilian, I study English at Scots School. I chose it first for the service received on my first day. I came to Sydney without knowing English. Another great quality is the location of the school, near of banks, restaurants, and with lots of public transport around. I already studied 4 months and I was able to learn English quickly. I’ve already changed my level and the school teachers are excellent. I’ve already studied with three of them and I’m happy because they come from different places and there are also Australians. I like the quality of teaching, because in a short time I had a great learning. Another positive point is the cultural diversity of people who work and study at school. I am having a good experience and besides all the school offers extra lessons during the week and excursions to all students, stimulating our interaction with everyone and basing respect! ”


General English Pre-Intermediate

“My English skill has dramatically improved since I enrolled at Scots English College even though I was struggling with high level grammar and vocabulary and correct pronunciation at the beginning.
I studied here for 17 weeks. All my huge improvements are owing to such great teachers of Scots.
I appreciate everything the teachers gave me.”


PRONCOM (Not Yet Endorsed by NEAS)

“I’m Marco from Ecuador. I’ve been studying General English at Scots English College about 10 months. I can say Scots has been like home to me. My experience at Scots has been about making connection switch people from all over the world. I’m very happy to choose Scots because it’s an awesome environment to improve my English skills with qualified and kind teachers and amazing facilities for everyone.”


General English Upper Intermediate

“Hello, I’m Davaajav from Mongolia. I’ve been studying in Cambridge class for 6 months at Scots English College. I started
from FCE level and now in CAE level. Having studied in Cambridge class, it is not only about passing Cambridge exam but also this class has been giving me linguistic skills which remains in your whole life. In fact, I passed the academic IELTS with 6.5 band without any official IELTS preparation. In other words, Cambridge class helps me improve my all abilities equally such as listening, writing, speaking, reading in such a high formal level. For that reasons, I am thankful for making a right decision to choose this class. If I had not chosen this class, I would not absorb these opportunities. I hope that I could have potential to pass CAE exam successfully within my further study.”


Cambridge CAE

“I’m really glad that I can have the opportunity to study at Scot. Nice facilities, professional teachers and great students from different countries. I’ve been studying English at Scots for over 6 months and have a strong feeling above my English improvement, especially my speaking and listening skills due to group discussions and testing every week. Moreover, the school holds excursions every last day of the month. We walk around the beach, visit museums, etc. So, studying at Scots, not only can you learn English, but also make many foreign friends and improve your English skills so much! ”


Cambridge FCE

“Hi, I’m Ava, I’m from China, I studied in SCOTS for 10 months. I’m very happy with SCOTS English College, because I’m
learning English with responsible teachers and friendly students, so I recommend SCOTS to everyone.”


Cambridge PET“Scots English College is such a nice place to learn English. The staff are very friendly and well prepared. I have been studying here since June 2018, so my English has improved a lot here. There is everything that you need to study. The school has students from all over the world and you guys will be good friends.”


General English Upper Intermediate

“Hello everyone! My name is Javkhlan. I am from Mongolia. I have studied at Scots for eight months. When I started to study here, I didn’t feel confident. Then, day by day, I felt more confident in my English. It is a very kind, helpful and comfortable environment. Also, the teachers and staff are very professional and well prepared. I am really proud of my school. If you want to learn English, Scots will be the best choice for everyone. Thanks a lot, Scots.”


Cambridge FCE“My name is Kornliaand I come from Poland. As I have always found individual improvement to be my life goal I decided to study in Scots English College making it a pathaway towards further achievements in my life. This didn’t disappoint me at all because the school and its courses did exactly what I had beed expecting. All in all, I would strongly recommend this school to whoever is persuing the further language ambitions.”


Cambridge FCE

“Hi, I am Tsukasa, I studied PRONCOM (Not Yet Endorsed by NEAS) course for 10 weeks, when I first time took this course, I couldn’t understand and my pronunciation was much worse than now, but now I can understand and my pronunciation is improved, it is very useful, I recommend every one who wants to improve their pronunciation and communication to take this course, you will build your confidence. Thank you Scots.”


PRONCOM (Not Yet Endorsed by NEAS)

“I have been studying CAE at Scots and it has been improving my communication skills. There is no day that I don’t learn new words. Every day I finish class I feel that I learnt a lot and I am always happy to come back next day to learn even more.”


Cambridge PET

“Hi, I’m Dominique and I’ve been in Australia for almost three months. When I started at scots, I realized how good it was – professional teachers, excellent teaching materials and top-notch facilities.
I’ve felt a considerable improvement in my English, even after studying just a short time here. In addition to my own effort, this is thanks to all the help and guidance that I’ve received from Scots.
Thank you.”


Cambridge CAE“My name is David and I am a  Brazilian of Italian descent. I started to learn English long time ago. It’s common in my  home country to have just one hour of English per week as a basic notion of the language at high school. Only when I moved to Australia that I realised how difficult it would be to learn a good English. Being 37 years old, my friends believed living abroad just to learn and practice a second language was crazy, perhaps even a total disaster to my career. However, I decided to take the chance and I did. After one and half year, I achieved my ambition because I got my Pass in FCE Exam in December 2018 whilst participating all my CAE Classes in the Evening and working hard in the morning day in day out. The CAE Preparation course at Scots English College gave me an opportunity to learn and prepare for the Exam with excellent  professionals. Looking back, I can no longer call it a risk because not only did I learn English abroad, but I also received my  Cambridge First Certificate in English from the most prestigious University: Cambridge. This means I have overcome numerous difficulties from living in a share accommodation to missing my family and friends in a country so far from home. My advice: it is not about learning something, it is about how you can fulfil your goals without losing you hope. And CAE course reinforced such notion for me.”


Cambridge CAE
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