English for Academic Purposes

CRICOS Course Code: 092779J

Levels: Pre-Intermediate to Advanced (Level 1 to 4)
Duration: 12 weeks per level
Full-time: 20 hours per week
Fees (per week): $410
Delivery Mode: Face to Face
Delivery Location: G05, Biomedical Building, 1 Central Ave, Eveleigh NSW 2015 TIMETABLE ABOUT ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES (EAP) Expand

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is an example of a group of English courses called English for Specific Purposes (ESP). ESP courses are designed because students are studying them for a ‘specific’ reason – that means they the course is designed to meet the requirements of the English learners. Students are not learning English just to be good at it; instead they study the ESP course because of some need.

So what are the needs of students who decide to study an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course? As the name suggests, the EAP course is to help overseas students to gain the English language skills and knowledge that will be required for further academic courses usually here in Australia. So most students studying EAP hope to go on to vocational or higher education courses when they successfully complete their EAP course. EAP, therefore, meets the needs of students who need to learn a specific range of English skills in order to succeed in their future academic educational pathways or careers.

Scots’ EAP course is designed to prepare international students, from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, to undertake tertiary study in Australia.

Students enrolled for this course will have a specific study objective – to complete a tertiary-level course in a mainstream Australian tertiary institution. This may include courses available in universities, both private and public, private colleges and TAFE colleges.

Scots’ EAP course runs at three levels. This offers students a specialist study preparation option with a progression from an Pre-Intermediate (CEFR = A2) to Upper Intermediate (CEFR = B2) entry levels. Each of these three levels run for 12 weeks.

The focus of an EAP course is developing the skills areas in English which the student will require to study alongside native speakers in mainstream course areas. However, students entering the EAP course at the lower Pre-Intermediate level may not have sufficient language skills to manage EAP materials immediately. For this reason, the balance of the EAP course will move from a language focus to a skills focus as the student progresses through the levels from EAP 1 to EAP 2 to EAP 3 and EAP 4. This means that, when you study the EAP1 and 2 courses, there is a greater emphasis on learning language – grammar and structure, vocabulary, syntax – while the EAP 3 and EAP 4 courses has a greater focus on language skills – reading, writing, speaking & listening.

Guided Individual Learning (optional)

In addition to the compulsory 20 hours of the program, Scots offers students the valuable opportunity to attend a guided individual learning session at the end of each formal teaching day. Students will have access to computers, resources, books and audio-visual materials to work on essays, research assignment material, etc. A teacher will be present for students to assist with any areas which require further development. As the EAP course is strongly focussed on providing the necessary language and study skills for tertiary study, independent learning helps you to develop further strong learning habits and personal time management.

CEFR Score General English English for Academic Purposes
C1 Advanced  EAP 4 
B2 Upper Intermediate EAP 3
B1 Intermediate EAP 2
A2 Pre-Intermediate  EAP 1 
A1 Elementary  
Pre-A1 Beginner  

English for Academic Purposes: Student intake occurs every Monday.

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