How to Apply

Few steps away from your studies in Australia

5 easy steps to apply directly or contact your agent and get help.


Complete your application form

  • Download an Application Form.
  • Make sure you complete all parts of the application form and sign it
  • Send the Application Form to
  • Also send a copy of your passport, student visa (if you already have one) and English certificates.


Letter of offer

  • We may ask you for more documents
  • Then we will send you a letter of offer if we accept your application
  • please carefully read all the information we send you.


Accepting your offer and pay your fees

  • Sign the acceptance of offer and send back to us
  • Pay the fees shown on the letter of offer on time
  • You can pay in many ways.


Confirmation of enrolment (for student visa holders only)

  • When you pay your fees and you send us your Acceptance of Offer, we will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • You will need this CoE to apply for y our student visa


Make your travel arrangements

  • Wait until your student visa is approved
  • We will send you ‘pre-arrival’ information
  • Go to the Student Support section of our website for more info.
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