Conjunctions in English Writing

How deep do you know about conjunctions? They are essential in English writing and making good use of those, your essays will look smoother and more logical. Today we are going to introduce some of the most common ones:

1 Firstly

Synonyms: first of all; to begin with; first and foremost; in the first place

Example sentence: Firstly, it is important to note that this problem has not received the attention it deserves.

2 At first

Synonyms: to start with; originally; initially

Example sentence: At first, she was flattered by his devotion.

3 Often

Synonyms: frequently

Example sentence: Often those in power try to sweep the problem under the carpet.

4 In conclusion

Synonyms: to sum up; in summary

Example sentence: In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable, and readily available form of exercise.

5 Lastly

Synonyms: finally; last but not least

Example sentence: Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for all their support.

6 Basically

Synonyms: to put it simply; fundamentally

Example sentence: Basically, the article can be summarized in three sentences.

7 As it turns out

Synonyms: all along

Example sentence: As it turns out, most code contains volumes of information like this to help us find data of interest.

8 At last

Synonyms: in the end; finally

Example sentence: At last, Harper designed to speak.

We hope we have helped with your studies. Is there any other conjunction in mind that you would add to the list? 🙂

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