IMPORTANT! Managing a COVID19 Safe Return to Campus

Dear Students,

As we move closer to returning to campus on the 27th of July, we reiterate our commitment to ensuring your safety and well-being.

Considering the new developments and the recent rise in the number of COVID cases in NSW, SCOTS has decided to adopt a blended learning model throughout August. We believe that NSW, like VIC, may be witnessing a second wave, therefore, a full return to campus could be pre-mature, hence reckless. If the situation stabilizes and returns to normal, SCOTS will fully switch to face-to-face teaching on campus early September.  We remain fully sympathetic and appreciative to our students for their patience and understanding throughout this crisis.

 Changes to take effect on July 27, 2020

  1. Classes to be delivered both on campus and online throughout August and until 4thof September.
  2. Timetable
ELM 9:00-1:15

Tea Break

Group 1: 10:30-10:45

Group 2: 10:45-11:00


Tea Break


FCE 4:30-8:45


Group 1: 6:00-6:15

Group 2: 6:15-6:30






  1. IELTS class to merge with CAE. IELTS students will be contacted by SCOTS to address concerns and discuss alternatives if necessary.
  2. Each class to be conducted in 2 separate classrooms to ensure safe social distancing between students and taught by 2 teachers on campus and 1 teacher online.
  3. Strict safety and social distancing measures on campus:
  • Queue and stand on cross-marked spots for your temperature to be taken by SCOTS staff upon arrival.
  • If you have been in a COVID ‘Hotspot’ or high-risk area, report it to staff immediately.
  • Download the COVID-safe App – scan the QR code off the wall signs.
  • Do not cluster on campus.
  • Wear a face mask in the classroom – ask for one at reception (please note limited stock is available).
  • Use the sanitizers stations at reception and in designated classrooms.
  • Practice good hygiene on campus – frequent handwashing, sneezing inside elbow, covering mouth when coughing etc.
  • Use the sanitizer-wipes to wipe the computer mouse and keyboard prior to use both in the computer room and common area.
  1. Attendance:

If you are feeling unwell or under duress because of your financial situation, you are recommended to speak with the DOS, Patrick Hayeck, and he may be able to provide solutions.

  1. A full return to online learning if necessary

Pending new COVID developments, SCOTS may opt to fully return to online delivery at any time it deems it risky to deliver its courses on campus.

We understand this has been an enormously challenging time for you and us, but as we have repeatedly asserted – we must stay positive and overcome this crisis together.

We also realize that you may have questions and concerns regarding this announcement, so please feel free to contact our Students Services Officer, Carolina by email at and she will endeavour to respond to your questions or direct your query to other members in a timely fashion.


Yours sincerely,

Patrick Hayeck

Director of Studies

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