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How to Make Friends Quickly in Australia?

You could be living in one of the best places on this planet and yet be sad and lonely, especially when you’re away from your family and friends you grew up with or spent many years with. That is why it’s important for you as an international student to make friends quickly when you get here, and not just friends that come from the same country and speak the same language, but also friends from all over the world. In this article, I will suggest Ithree effective ways to make friends quickly and effortlessly in Australia. Having been dealing with international students for more than 12 years, I’ve seen all kinds of students from the very popular with so many friends to the very lonely with literally no friends, and though I’m not necessarily suggesting that the former is always happier than the latter, it is often the case; students who have more friends seem to enjoy their time more in Australia. Not only do they seem happier, but they also tend to be more successful; the more friends you know, the more people you know and the wider your network tends to be, and thus the more support and opportunities you have access to. So how can you make friends? How can you build that network?

Join a club, do some volunteering or choose a hobby

Well, one very effective way to make friends in Australia is to join a club, be it a sports club, a social club or any other club or simply group with whom you share something in common. Choose a hobby or an activity you’re good at or you’re passionate about and jump straight into it. Consider volunteering; you’re bound to meet like-minded people that’ll be easier to apprroach and strike a conversation with. The reason this method is effective is that when you join a club of any sort, there’s a great chance that you’ll meet people that you have something in common with, and having something in common with someone is the key to building rapport and starting a friendship.

Go to festivals, attend events or join competitions

Another way or place for you to meet people you could connect with is festivals, maybe food festivals, music festivals, events, exhibitions, competitions. So, grab the local newspaper or magazine and find out what’s happening in town. Don’t miss out. People are usually in a perfect mood for meeting new friends at such events; all you need is a positive attitude and a friendly smile – these two are the best tools to break the ice; they work like magic and can potentially open so many doors for you socially and professionally, and I’m not suggesting you use them to take advantage of people and then break their hearts, of course not! Use them to connect with people, build trust, and maintain that trust by being honest, open-minded and easy-going.

Join an English College and talk with your classmates before and after class

The third and last friend-making method may seem obvious but it’s true and powerful. Join an English college, like Scots English College, for a few weeks or even months depending on how good your English is. Our college has been welcoming international students from every corner of planet earth since 2016; something we are tremendously proud of. Our students become family when they join our college because we treat them like family. Our only advice to you is to talk with your classmates before and after class, ask them questions about their culture and tell them about yours. Go out with each other, have a drink together, have a meal together and enjoy every Australian moment with each other because it is those Australian moments that will be life’s most unique and precious for many years to come.


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