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SCOTS Special Offers 2022 – Valid until Aug 1 2022

Scots English College has just introduced 3 special offers to help students achieve different goals. The details of the 3 Special Offers are as follows:

The Road to Oral Fluency (ROF) Offer

Pronunciation & Communication course (PRONCOM) - Scots RoadThe ROF offer is suitable for students who want to focus on their speaking skills and listening skills. Students begin with 10 weeks of General English, then 12 weeks of Cambridge Exam preparation and finish with 10 weeks of Pronunciation & Communication course (PRONCOM). The PRONCOM course focuses on pronunciation, speaking and listening through intensive mouth and ear training to improve confidence in speaking and listening to native speakers of English. The PRONCOM aims to improve fluency, clarity, and speed.

The Road to Academic Competence (RAC) Offer

Academic English course (EAP) - Scots RoadThe RAC offer is ideal for students who want to pursue vocational training or higher education in Australia after their English course. Students begin with 8 weeks of General English, then 12 weeks of Cambridge Exam preparation and finish with 12 weeks of English for Academic English course (EAP). The EAP course teaches important academic skills which you will certainly need at college or university. Some examples are essay writing, report writing, research, reading a range of text genres, including skimming and scanning, note-taking and critical thinking. The EAP aims to build your grammar and academic vocabulary and improve your reading and writing.

The Road to English Preparation Success (REPS) Offer

IELTS Exam Preparation course (IELTS) - Scots RoadThe REPS offer targets students who specifically want to get a better score on the IELTS exam. Students begin with 8 weeks of General English, then 12 weeks of Cambridge Exam preparation and finish with 12 weeks of IELTS Exam Preparation course (IELTS). SCOTS’ IELTS course covers the essential skills the students need to improve their score in all the sections of the IELTS exam, reading, writing, listening and speaking. The course provides the students with great opportunities for practice and feedback.

How the Roads offers work

Each Road begins with 2 core courses — General English (8-10 weeks) and Cambridge Exam Preparation (12 weeks) — and finish with a specialized course (10-12 weeks)that is more targeted to the students’ needs.

All offers consist of:

  • 2 weeks for FREE
  • 25% discount on materials fees (that’s $60 discount — total materials fees are $240)
  • $0 Enrolment fee (enrolment fee is $200)

Scots ROAD Offers 2022 - Scots English Australia

Terms and conditions

    • Entry level required for each Road is Pre-intermediate (CEFR level A2 or an IELTS overall band of 4.5).
    • A passing grade of 70% is required to pass each course within any Road.
    • A minimum of 80% attendance rate is required to be promoted to the next level within any Road.
    • Failure to achieve a passing grade of 70% per course or to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance rate may cause a change of the Road plan. Students may then be required to repeat the same stage/course and fail to reach the last stage within the original duration of the offer. However, even if students fail to complete all stages outlined by the offer, they will still be eligible to receive the benefits of the offer including 2 weeks FREE, 25% discount on materials fees and $0 enrolment fee.
    • Successful completion of the Road to Academic Competence at Scots English College does not guarantee the students’ admission into higher education courses as some higher education providers may not recognize SCOTS’ English for Academic Purposes program. SCOTS has study pathways with several institutions including TAFE NSW, Southern Cross University, the Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC) and others. Generally, for students pursuing vocational training, an assessment band of 55% or 60% is sufficient and for those pursuing higher education, an assessment band of 60%, 65% or 70% may be required to meet the English requirements of the Higher Education provider. Students must check with their higher education provider first before enrolling for the Road to Academic Competence.
    • Student Visa applicants must pay 50% of the total amount to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).
    • Please visit our website to read our refund and cancellation policy.

How to enroll

Please check our ROAD OFFERS page for more detail.
ROAD Offers 2022

Check your English level

Visit our website to complete an English test and confirm your eligibility. We will mark your test and confirm your eligibility for the offers. You must have a pre-intermediate level of English (CEFR A2).
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